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Fire Shelters

Fire Shelters

Innovative Fire Shelters

Protect your life and valuables from a fire

Atlas Survival Shelters offers a straightforward solution for fire-prone areas. If you have concerns about fire safety, hazards, and the efficiency of evacuation options, installing our shelters can provide you with peace of mind.


Fire shelters atlas has to offer

Ron is talking about the GarNado which is a nuclear fallout shelter but also is the perfect and properly engineered fire shelter that can be built into a new house or add it to the back yard of an existing house.

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How Atlas Process Works

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Shelter Model Selection

We offer various Fire Shelters for you to view. During a private consultation, we will discuss different projects and solutions to find the most appropriate installations and upgrades for your needs and location. Each project is custom-made to meet the client’s requirements and the number of people who will be using it

Shelter type selections


Garage Bunker / Bunker

GarNado is the most versatile of all the Nado Series because it’s the one shelter that strategically goes to the most desirable locations that customers have available for installation. The shelter’s primary location is to install under the driveway with the hatch inside the garage door hidden from view. The second primary location where it can be installed is in the backyard with relative ease. GarNado is classified as watertight and will install fine in high water table installations like in Florida.

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Installing a Wildfire Bunker

Have a sneak peek at Ron installing a wildfire bunker in Northern California.

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Fire Shelter / Storage Bunker

FireNado is a secret underground storage space with a solid steel hatch for individuals to protect their valuables from natural disasters or thieves. This shelter is not designed for human use, so it will not include an NBC Air Filtration system or beds. It comes in five sizes and prices start at only $6,999. You can upgrade to a 2 or 3-hour rated fire hatch at an additional cost to protect the valuables from wildfires.

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Bomb shelter Floorplans


Act now to safeguard your future

Atlas offers customized solutions for underground shelters that seamlessly complement your home. Reach out today and take the first step toward enhanced protection!

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