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We produce a wide range of survival shelters designed to safeguard you and your family in the event of a pandemic outbreak, civil unrest, malicious mobs, and threats such as biological, nuclear fallout, or EMP attacks originating from either domestic or international sources.
Underground Shelters

An all-in-one Safe Room, Cellar, Gun Room, and Storm Shelter, with optional modern NBC defense systems.

Tornado & Storm Shelters

A range of shelters designed to shield you from natural disasters.

Platinum Series
Luxury / Grand Shelters

A shelter that prioritize safety while maintaining a high-quality lifestyle.

Modular Square
Home Shelter

A shelter that is adaptable to meet your safety needs and seamlessly blends with your home.

Round Culvert
Home Shelter

A shelter that uses the natural strength of the earth as your main protection and not the thickness of the walls.

Concrete Shelter

An affordable underground shelter merging the safety features of a storm and bomb shelter.

Garage Bunker

A shelter that can be strategically placed under driveways with a concealed garage-door hatch or backyards.

NBC Safe Room

An airtight safe room and tornado shelter with an NBC Air Filtration System for nuclear fallout.

Floort Knox
Floor Safe & Gun Storage

Hidden storage with a strong steel hatch for securing valuables from disasters or thieves.

Highest Quality Shelters

Our shelters are built with the highest quality materials including corrugated pipe and bullet-resistant hardened steel. Once you have selected the plot of land on that you would like to have your shelter installed, our team will begin designing and manufacturing your shelter based on what you need.

Modern Interior Design

Our shelters are designed to offer a high-end living experience with modern interiors. featuring walk-in showers, master bedrooms, full kitchens, and spacious living rooms.

90 Degree Turn Entrance

Any shelter that does not have an L shaped or 90 degree turn at the bottom of the stairs is going to let in the prompt radiation at the time of the blast because the radiation will go right through metal as if it wasn’t there. What is protecting you is the 36+ inches of earth on top of you, not the door.

Air Filtration System

We source our NBC Air Filtration Systems from established professionals like Andair and Bethel, with over 50 years of expertise in the field.

Reinforced Concrete
Decontamination Rooms
Highly Customizable
Personalized Finishes
Gas Tight Doors
Storage Space
Flushing Toilets

Atlas Ships Worldwide

Atlas Survival Shelters delivers shelters worldwide and maintains a vast network of dealers in over 30 countries. We prioritize the fastest delivery method to ensure your product reaches your home promptly.

March 12, 2024
Join Ron as he heads to Israel to speak to the owner of “Palraz” to learn about the ins & outs of building concrete bunkers. Israel builds 50,000 of these bomb shelters a year. Now you can learn how to build them in America yourself.
February 13, 2024
Explore with us as we step into a revamped 1960s AT&T Bunker, now a dazzling space complete with a cinema, recording studio, workshop, and multiple cozy bedrooms.
January 11, 2024
Ron takes a trip down to Austin to visit @MIRASafety to check out their flagship gas masks for doomsday preppers. Get 10% off any order at Mira Safety using code “ATLAS10” at www.mirasafety.com
November 20, 2023
Join in with Ron as he takes you on a tour of a one million dollar European bunker. A insane fully loaded 1,600 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, hair salon, and even a hidden gun range.
Why Atlas Is The Smart Choice

Choose the right shelter for your best chance at survival

Factories Worldwide

Atlas Survival Shelters has the largest fallout shelter factory in the world located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Our friendly sales staff will personally give you a tour of the plant and let you experience the quality & pride in every Atlas Shelter.

Swiss Air Filtration

We offer high-quality NBC air filtration systems from reputable manufacturers based in Europe and Israel, including ASR Safe Cell, ANDAIR, Lunor, Bethel, and Temet.

Luxurious Rooms

Atlas Survival Shelters takes pride in finishing out your shelter to the means you are used to living in your home. Making a shelter feel like you’re in the county jail takes away the normality you would need to survive long-term underground in a survival shelter.

Heavy I-Beam Roof Construction

Our shelters are constructed of structural i-beams over the roof and structural channels on the walls all at 24-inch centers all on top of a 1/4-inch American-made steel plate.

Patented Air Pipes

We use 6″ diameter galvanized steel for our air intake pipes. Our system brings in 50% more air.

Quick & Easy To Install

Atlas Survival Shelters has hundreds of dealers worldwide and every one of them is factory-trained and certified to install our shelters.

Highly Customizable

We provide highly customizable shelters with a variety of upgrades to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our commitment to fulfilling those needs means you can personalize your shelter to suit any situation.

Under The Floor Storage

Under-the-floor storage gives you an incredible amount of storage which keeps all your supplies out of sight. All our shelters will hold enough food and water for a minimum of 30 days.

Precast Concrete Shelter

A versatile shelter that seamlessly combines the features of a tornado shelter, bomb shelter, storm shelter, and root cellar. Available for Pre-Order at $20,000Full Detail

Atlas proudly presents a series of groundbreaking innovations in survival shelters, revolutionizing the industry with their exceptional features and functionality. our latest offerings redefine the concept of preparedness. Experience peace of mind knowing that you have access to the most advanced and reliable survival shelters available on the market.


The ATLAS SAFE CELLARS™ are specifically designed for installation beneath the concrete floor of a new house, providing a versatile space to meet your unique requirements – More Details

The ATLAS SAFE CELLARS™ is specifically designed for installation beneath the concrete floor of a new house, providing a versatile space to meet your unique requirements. It serves as a Safe Room, Wine Cellar, Gun Room, and Tornado Shelter, and can be equipped with our Nuclear Biological Chemical warfare package for modern NBC shelter capabilities.

Nado Series

Aside from nuclear threats from abroad and terrorist attacks, we also live with daily natural disasters that threaten us even more commonly now it seems. Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires seem to dominate the evening news now. Most custom home builders agree that most of their clients are requesting secret safe rooms like we produce at Atlas Survival Shelters.


GarNado is the most versatile of all the Nado Series because it’s the one shelter that strategically goes in the most desirable locations that customers have available for installation.

The shelter’s primary location is to install under the driveway with the hatch inside the garage door hidden from view. The second primary location that it can be installed is in the backyard with relative ease. GarNado is classified as water tight and will install fine in high water table installations like in Florida.

Floort Knox

Floort Knox is a secret underground storage space with a solid steel hatch for individuals to protect their valuables from natural disasters or thieves.

The shelter’s primary location is to install under the ground with the hatch accessible from the floor which can be also be hidden. This provides a versatile space to store your valuables in the most safe and convenient manner possible.


Nadosafe is an air-tight safe room and tornado shelter designed to be handicap accessible.

This safe-like shelter is equipped with an NBC Air Filtration System, ensuring protection in the event of nuclear fallout. This shelter can be either integrated into a new home’s framework or easily secured inside the garage for smaller models.