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Shelter Features

Shelter Features
Custom Built Shelters
Our shelters are built with the highest quality materials including corrugated pipe and bullet-resistant hardened steel. Once you have selected the plot of land on that you would like to have your shelter installed, our team will begin designing and manufacturing your shelter based on what you need.
Heavy Duty I-Beam Reinforcement

Our shelters are constructed of structural i-beams over the roof and structural channels on the walls all at 24-inch centers all on top of a 1/4-inch American-made steel plate. Built to withstand extreme weather conditions and potential threats.

Reinforced Concrete

We put 12″ of 4,000 PSI concrete underneath our modular shelters for ballast and to keep the shelter level from earth movement. We also cover the square shelters in 12″ of 4,000 PSI concrete. This is needed to strengthen the roof and to create ballast.

Wood Surfaces Finish

Our stairs are hot-dipped galvanized and we use pressure-treated wood for the steps so they never mold or rot.

Galvanized Steel

We use 6″ diameter galvanized steel for our air intake pipes. Our system brings in 50% more air. All our air pipes are hot-dipped galvanized to prevent rust. The lifespan should be 100 years.

Protective Coating

Atlas tries to hot-dip galvanize as many items as we can. Those items that are not galvanized are sandblasted first, and primed with an automotive primer and painted with an automotive paint. Yes the same paint as on your car.

High Ceilings

Our Square shelters are made out of 1/4″ steel walls that are 8 feet tall, allowing for easy customization and ensuring a comfortable and open environment without the sensation of being confined in a box.

Living Areas

Atlas designs bunkers with up to 8 feet of space, providing comfort for your stay. The living rooms are modern, featuring a TV, LED lighting, furniture, and more to make longer stays comfortable. You can also connect it to your house if you choose.

Kitchen / Dining

Upgrade your bunker with a modern kitchen featuring granite countertops, shelves, and designated spaces for your appliances.


Bunk beds in the bunker serve as storage, and there’s a master bedroom available. Customize it like a hotel room to make it your own.

Toilet / Showers

Our bunkers are equipped with reliable waste disposal systems, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. The water pipes ensure a steady supply of fresh water, and the hot shower adds a touch of comfort. The flushing toilet is designed to meet your sanitation needs seamlessly, making your bunker a well-equipped and functional space.

Gun Room / Range

For gun enthusiasts, customize your bunker with a secure gun vault, including a Fort Knox vault to safely store your firearms. If you’re short on time to go out and shoot, consider adding a custom firing range right in your bunker for convenience and practice.

Shelter Entrance

User-friendly stairs lead into the shelter, with a mudroom for keeping harmful particles outside. Marine-grade doors at the entrance ensure decontamination in the living quarters. Our doors are gas-tight and waterproof to prevent the entry of biological, chemical, and radiation threats if the shelter is not airtight.

90 Deg Turn Entrance

Any shelter that does not have an L shaped or 90 degree turn at the bottom of the stairs is going to let in the prompt radiation at the time of the blast because the radiation will go right through metal as if it wasn’t there. What is protecting you is the 36+ inches of earth on top of you, not the door.

Mud & Decontamination Room

Any properly designed and engineered nuclear fallout shelter will always have a shower present before you enter the shelter. If you enter a shelter covered in fallout, you will not only contaminate the shelter, but you will endanger other people.

Tamper Proof Doors

The Atlas hatch has a tamper-proof steel box to protect the tamper-proof padlock from torches or grinders.

Tamper Proof Air Pipes

Our system not only protects you from vandals, but it also cools the air down before it enters into the shelter through our patented air condensation system. Also, our air pipes are 6″ in diameter compared to 4″ in diameter on the Nado series.

Water & Gas Tight Doors

The exterior hatch is bulletproof and the interior doors leading to the living area are water and gas-tight to prevent unwanted stuff from your bunkers.

Overpressure Gas Valve

A nuclear weapon creates a shock wave, which may produce sudden pressure changes of more than an atmosphere (about 1 bar) even several kilometers from the detonation point. After the shock wave passes, a sudden negative pressure follows.

Hidden Entrance & Exit

A good way to avoid unnecessary attention from looters or intruders is to make your entrances and escape hatches hidden. A good way to avoid looters or intruders is to make your entrances and escape hatches hidden.

Escape Tunnel

The escape tunnel is standard on all the larger Atlas Shelter models. It is not included on the Nado Series and some of the smaller Atlas shelters.

High Quality Steel

Our doors and hatches are made of 3/8″ thick AR500 bullet proof steel.

Hydraulic Lifts

Our hatch is hydraulically lifted due to the extreme weight of the hatch. Another example of a style of hatch we use are spring.

Locking System

There is a 6-point locking system hidden inside the bunker. The door also features an interior door latch.

Rust Protection

To prevent our doors from rusting Anything that we do not hot-dip galvanize we will at least sandblast and apply either an automotive type of paint on the interior and the hatches.


Our hatches are designed after the nuclear blast hatch by the US Nuclear Civil Defense Department. It is surrounded by heavy 12″ channel, then surrounded with 12″ of concrete.


Our hatch opening is 36×80 inches and the stairs are at a 35-degree angle which makes it easier for the handicapped and elderly to get down the stairs.

Storage Locations

These locations are under the floor, under the bed, under the TV, under the dinner table, and under the counter.

Food & Water Storage

You can stay in a bunker as long as you have food and water. All our shelters will hold enough food and water for a minimum of 30 days at the capacity listed. Our larger shelters with underfloor storage can hold up to 6 months of food and water, and some can even hold more.

Electrical System

There are a few primary systems that people use. Solar with a battery bank in the bunker is popular and now there is an EMP-proof model on the market. The second is an underground diesel generator in a separate generator pod, but this is strictly for large shelters. The third is an above-ground propane stand-alone generator that can also be used as the backup to your house but any power source above ground is susceptible to vandalism and high winds.

Water System

1250 gallon to 2500 gallon polyethylene water tanks can be pre-installed on your bunkers. Water filtration systems can also be outfitted, for a clean drinking water supply.


Our Swiss-made NBC filtration systems are the best choice for keeping your family safe from contaminated air, whether it’s nuclear, chemical, or biological pollutants. Our system can protect you from it all.

Air Quality

Our system surpasses homemade air systems, delivering 50% more air to your bunker, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable stay inside.


Atlas stands out with superior technology, circulating air at 176 cubic feet per minute (compared to 60), operating quietly at 45 decibels, and boasting an impressive 60-pound carbon capacity for top-notch filtration.

Backup Power

If the power goes out, simply slide the handle of this system, a task easy enough for a 5-year-old. Given the crucial role of air inside your bunker, investing in these air systems is a worthwhile suggestion.