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Platinum Series

Craft Your Ideal Survival Space

Discover the Power of Platinum Series Luxury Bunkers

Ensure your survival during the apocalypse with our custom-built, super-luxury bunkers. Experience both style and security by adding a fortified underground safe room to your home. Our safe rooms feature modern interior design, cutting-edge security features, and the option to upgrade with the renowned Fort Knox Vault Door or any luxury feature of your choice.

Experience the Versatility

In the face of recent events such as the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine, the demand for bunkers is on the rise. If you prioritize your safety while maintaining a high-quality lifestyle, look no further than Atlas Survival Shelters’ Platinum Series.


If there’s a feature you desire but don’t see, feel free to ask. We have minimal limitations and can accommodate a wide range of customization options.

  • Swiss-made NBC air filtration system
  • Gas-tight marine-grade doors leading into the bunker
  • AR500 bulletproof hatch
  • 36-inch wide stairs
  • NON-Steep easy stairs for elderly
  • Decontamination room
  • Re-wired for 110-volt AC power
  • Escape tunnel
  • LED lights
  • Tamper-proof air pipes with solid brass check valves
  • GFI outlets
  • BIG 36×80 opening on your hatch
  • 8ft ceilings
  • 6 inches galvanized steel
  • Structural i-beams
  • 1/4 inch American-made steel plate
  • 36-inch wide stairs
  • Epoxy-painted interior walls
  • Sandblasted and coated with a 150-year exterior coating
  • 3000 PSI steel fittings for plumbing
Shelter Plans

Plenty of options to choose from

Platinum Series Alaska
Platinum Series Arizona
Platinum Series California
Platinum Series Florida
Platinum Series Kentucky
Platinum Series Louisiana
Platinum Series Maryland
Platinum Series Massachussetts
Platinum Series Minnesota
Platinum Series Nebraska
Platinum Series New Jersey
Platinum Series New York
Platinum Series North Carolina
Platinum Series Ohio
Platinum Series Oklahoma
Platinum Series Ontario
Platinum Series Pennsylvania
Platinum Series South Carolina
Platinum Series Texas
Platinum Series Utah
Platinum Series Virginia
Platinum Series Washington
Platinum Series West Virginia
Platinum Series Wisconsin

How Atlas Process Works

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Upgraded luxury interiors are priced per job. Your choices in upgrades include vinyl flooring, 10ft ceilings, ceiling fans, granite counters, flushing toilets, under-the-floor storage, ceramic tile walk-in showers, oak flooring, sliding barn doors, upgraded kitchens, wall dividers, hot water heaters, reverse osmosis water filtration systems, generator rooms, gas tight doors, custom paint.


Standard Atlas Quality

All of our underground shelters undergo sandblasting prior to the application of a Coal Tar coating on the exterior and an automotive primer on the interior. This meticulous process ensures that your shelter is protected from rusting, providing you with years of reliable service. Additionally, our air pipes are hot-dipped galvanized, ensuring a rust-free lifetime guarantee



Platinum Series base price starts at $400/sq ft (or $500/sq ft with 24 inches under the floor storage and built-in water tanks). For exact pricing contact sales at 1-855-4-BUNKER


Floor Plans

List of Chosen Floorplans for Platinum Series

Embark on the Journey to Unmatched Safety

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No matter your unique needs, Designed to exceed expectations and built to withstand the test of time, these shelters offer a sanctuary within your home that is both functional and fortified.

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