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Secure Your Valuables During a Storm

NadoSafe is Strong, Powerful & Bolted to the Ground

The modular square shelter is designed to be a fallout shelter that feels as close to home as possible. It is not as strong as a round shelter and does not have a massive amount of underfloor storage as a round shelter, but it can be built out to look just like a normal home on the interior.

Shelter Plans

Plenty of options to choose from


Nadosafe 5×7
Nadosafe 8×10
Nadosafe 8×12
Nadosafe 8×16
Nadosafe 8×20

NadoSafe is a handicap accessible, air tight safe room, tornado shelter that includes an NBC Air Filtration System in case of nuclear fallout. This shelter can either be framed into a new home or the smaller models can be easily bolted down inside the garage. NadoSafe comes in 1-8 person models and have optional folding down beds or couches installed in them per the customer’s request.

NadoSafe is made of 1/4” steel with 1/2” x 3” flat bar for structural support. This shelter can serve as a gun vault, tornado shelter, fallout shelter, panic room, or just that secret room you’ve always dreamed of. NadoSafe is the least expensive hardened shelter in the world with a starting price under $10,000 that also includes an NBC Air Filtration System. It’s designed for a maximum of 30 days survivability. Optional bed or couch $575 each.

What can this NBC safe room do for you

Gun Room

You can transform this safe room into a personal gun space that also serves as an additional workstation for maintaining your firearms. It provides a secure storage solution for your bullets and ammunition, ensuring safety and accessibility.

Storage Room

Secure your valuables and prized possessions inside the bunker to protect them from disasters and deter potential theft. This space can be transformed into a highly secure area for all your valuable items.

Hidden Vault

Our NBC safe rooms can be cleverly tucked away in your home, effortlessly blending into their surroundings. Additionally, you can install a secure Fort Knox vault, as it offers exceptional protection against theft, natural disasters, and unexpected emergencies.

All Disaster Shelter

Protect your family from all kinds of possible disasters. Our NBC safe room can also be equipped with a small NBC air filtration system, ensuring clean and breathable air.

Handicapped Accessible

Unlike any other shelter, our NBC safe room is accessible for persons with disabilities because it can easily be installed anywhere in your house, making it suitable for people with handicaps.

Can accommodate big families

NadoSafe comes in 1-8 person models and have optional folding down beds or couches installed in them per the customer’s request. It’s designed for a maximum of 30 days survivability

NBC air Filtration system

This simple system is wired for 110 volt and also includes a manual override in case power is lost. The entire system is nicely tucked away in its own ensuring continuous supply of clean and breathable air.