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Make Your Garage a Safe Place in Any Emergency

Inside the GarNado Shelter Security

GarNado stands out as the most versatile shelter within the Nado Series due to its strategic placement in the most desirable locations available for installation. This garage bunker primary location for this shelter is underneath the driveway, with the hatch discreetly hidden inside the garage door, out of view.

February 6, 2024
Shelter Plans

Plenty of options to choose from


Garnado 8×10
Garnado 8×12
Garnado 8×16
Garnado 8×20

What is Included in your shelter?

The Garnado Shelter is priced without the beds, couch and toilet. This is done this way for those who wish to use the shelter for a wine cellar, gun room, panic room, or just for storage. Optional bed or couch $575 each. It also includes an NBC air Filtration system, Mud and decontamination room and an Optional Underfloor storage for an additional cost Engineered and stamped drawings are available for all 50 states!

Available Options

Why Atlas Shelters?

In the face of rising threats such as nuclear attacks, terrorism, and frequent natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires, our vulnerability is becoming increasingly apparent.

These events, coupled with concerns about mass shootings and international tensions, dominate our daily news. Acknowledging this, custom home builders are experiencing a surge in demand for secret safe rooms, specifically the secure spaces we provide at Atlas Survival Shelters, including our top-notch garage bunker solutions.

Features and Benefits

The Ultimate Garage Bunker for Unyielding Protection

Watertight Garage Bunker

GarNado is classified as water tight and will install fine in high water table installations like in Florida

Ideal Location Installation

In addition to the garage, the Garnado shelter can be easily installed in your backyard as well.

Built In Decontamination Mudroom

GarNado has an interior door for climate control and a mud room with an optional decontamination shower.

Upgradable Storage

Round culvert shelters can be buried at significant depths, surpassing excavation limitations. By utilizing the earth’s natural strength as the primary protection, these shelters maximize security without relying solely on wall thickness. Properly installed 10′ culvert pipes can support up to 42′ of topsoil.