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Tornado Shelters

Tornado Shelters

Shield Yourself from Nature’s Fury

Discover the Ultimate Tornado Shelter

Atlas tornado shelters are designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Constructed with durable steel, these shelters are highly resistant to fire. Building a storm shelter is crucial for ensuring complete safety from earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and all types of natural disasters. Invest in the protection and peace of mind

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Embrace Safety with Your Own Tornado Shelter

Stay safe during tornadoes and hurricanes with tornado shelters. If you reside in an area prone to such weather events, investing in a storm shelter provides peace of mind and ensures your family’s safety during emergencies.

Can fit your entire family

Atlas Tornado Shelters offers a range of sizes to ensure every member of your family is accommodated during tornado events.

Stash your supplies

storm shelters serve a dual purpose by providing a safe haven during storms and also functioning as a storage space for your emergency supplies

Readily accessible=

This enables your family to quickly access the shelter, maximizing your chances of having everything you need in a secure location.

Discover Our Premium Tornado Shelter Models

Explore our selection of underground shelters, ready for you to discover. Allow us to assist you in selecting the ideal storm shelter for your home. Explore our Best Shelters on the Market

Shelter model selection

Atlas Builds a 100-person Tornado shelter

Ron shows you how he built a 100-man tornado shelter for a major pharmaceutical company. Handicap accessible large volume shelters for commercial applications More of these shelters will be able for purchase for the Spring tornado season in case if you’re interested in one.

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Explore the Impressive Features of Atlas Shelters

Discover the impressive features of Atlas tornado shelters, crafted with top-quality materials like corrugated pipe and bullet-resistant hardened steel. Explore the remarkable interior designs and functionalities of our shelter options.

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Thick Heavy duty steel

Our Square shelters are made out of 1/4″ steel walls that are 8 feet tall.



Our hatches are modeled after the nuclear blast hatch by the US Nuclear Civil Defense Department, featuring a robust 12″ channel and a 12″ concrete surround for enhanced security.

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Air Filtration system

We source our NBC Air Filtration Systems from established professionals like Andair and Bethel, with over 50 years of expertise in the field.

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Under the floor storage

The advantage of under-the-floor storage in your shelter is the exceptional storage capacity that keeps all your supplies discreetly hidden

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all the shelter is highly customizable and it offers a number of upgrades to suit
every need and situation. If you have specific needs or limitations, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Tornado-Proof Your Home

Experience Unparalleled Protection with the Nado Series

Tornadoes Won’t Stand a Chance, Explore Our Top-Rated Shelters



NBC Safe Room

This shelter is an air-tight tornado shelter designed to be handicap accessible. This safe room also features an NBC Air Filtration System



Fire Shelters

A discreet underground storage space equipped with a sturdy steel hatch. It provides individuals with a secure solution to safeguard their valuables from both natural disasters and potential theft..



Garage Bunkers

The shelter’s primary location is to install under the driveway with the hatch inside the garage door hidden from view.

The Gold Standard in Tornado Protection

Atlas Survival Storm Shelters with a 65-Year Legacy of Proven Designs and Government Engineering. Our storm shelters are expertly engineered to be buried at least 10′ below ground, offering the perfect foundation for our cutting-edge proprietary geothermal cooling system. With meticulous attention to detail, our storm shelters are designed to be airtight, ensuring maximum safety and protection for you and your loved ones.

At Atlas, we always prioritize unmatched quality and never compromise. As leaders in the field, our all-steel storm shelters surpass industry standards in quality, durability, and craftsmanship, making us the top choice for building the highest-quality shelters available.

Seamless Installation and Easy Access

We offer worldwide shipping for our shelters and have an extensive network of dealers in over 30 countries. Our steel structures are shipped intact and seamlessly lowered into the excavated hole using a crane. Once in place, we expertly install underground air ducts, water pipes, electrical lines, sewage lines, and more. After the installation of ducts and lines, the shelter is carefully backfilled with stone and topped with a robust 28-inch thick concrete slab, ensuring substantial mass and effective radiation shielding.

Gallery of tornado shelter installation

Tornado shelter Floorplans

Pull Floorplans

Act now to safeguard your future

Atlas offers customized solutions for above-ground or below-ground tornado shelters that seamlessly complement your home. Reach out today and take the first step toward enhanced protection!

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